Edward Starski v. California

Edward Starski has been faced with a prolonged prosecution from a small and corrupt county in California. In summary, Starski has been prosecuted for helping his parents obtain compensation for hospital expenses due to an injury at a hardware store owned by a local corporation. That corporation is managed by several people, including the campaign manager for the District Attorney.

Interest in this case has extended far outside that local community. The case itself has gone through appeals and is used in law textbooks nationwide with people on both sides of the debate. Currently, the case has yet to be resolved having gone through state appeals and is now the subject in federal court.

With so many voices out there—some more informed than others—we aim to provide clear, factual resources to help these discussions move forward in a constructive way. The information below includes official statements, legal filings, coverage in the media, and key facts about the events and timeline.

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Federal District Court

In April 2022, a federal district court judge ordered the case returned to the state to exhaust remedies in relation to the complaint. Starski's petition was stricken from the record pending California's response.

Federal District Court

In June 2020, a federal court magistrate agreed with Starski.

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Second State Appeal

The California Supreme Court denied review of the appellate court's decision.

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First State Appeal

In this first step of the appeal process initiated in 2016, the state appellate court affirmed the trial's court's redefining the law.

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Facts Facts

  • The campaign manager for the district attorney represented the hardware store.
  • The prosecution, in open court and transcribed by the court reporter, stated they were pursuing the casse to avoid being sued.
  • The trial court prevented Starski from introducing evidence of his lawsuit against the county.
  • The county public defender's office supported the prosecution against Edward Starski.
  • This case amended the law as it was written, to ensure the facts of the case could allow Starski to be in violation of it.
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